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As strange as it seems, just visiting and playing a game together has become popular with club members. Yes, WaWa gift cards are at stake, yet we do not allow ourselves to become too competitive.

Is Bingo like Aikido, a traditional Japanese noncompetitive martial art? The focus of the latter is on technique and on an internal energy to resist attacks of brute strength and force. Its self-defense techniques were practiced by the Samurai over one-thousand years ago. Aikido emphasizes the principles of harmony & peace as the only true paths to overcoming conflict.

Nonsense, this is clearly just filler. Perhaps a few Samurai warriors had parrots, but what does that have to do with martial art or feathers in a modern context? And what about making a connection to B4 or N22 here? This is preposterous to say the least, and possibly even shameful.

Bird club members can always bring birds who have been acclimated to their home and which are in good health. In fact, we want to visit with them as often as possible. Guests are not permitted to bring pets to member meetings.

See you at the Community Center in Media at 7 PM on Thursday September 14th. 

Community Center - Media PA

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The Delaware County Bird Club meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday of Each Month from September through June. Please join us if you own a Parrot or other Exotic Bird or if you are just curious.

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